TIMSS 2011 and PIRLS 2011

The international project TIMSS is focused on the 4th and/or 8th grade pupils knowledge and skills monitoring in mathematics and science. The PIRLS project monitors the level of pupils’ reading skills in the 4th grade of primary schools. Both projects enable the participating countries to monitor pupils´ outcomes progress.
In the Czech Republic; the TIMSS 2011 survey tested only 4th grade pupils. The Czech pupils performed above average in mathematics and - with better results in international comparison - in science. While in mathematics they were surpassed by pupils from ten European countries, in science only pupils from Russia and Finland did better. Since 2007, Czech pupils have improved significantly in both disciplines, their results in science are comparable with the 1995 results, however the Czech Republic remains to be the country with the deepest downswing in mathematics since 1995.             
In the PIRLS 2011 survey, the Czech pupils were above the average and they were outperformed only by pupils from seven European countries.
In December 2013, the CSI published an analytical publication Selected Findings from PIRLS 2011 and TIMSS 2011 as a planned output of the ESF Competence I project. The publication deals with a detailed analysis of outcomes of Czech pupils from the 4th grade of primary schools in mathematics, science and reading literacy including the international context.

TIMSS 2015 

In March 2014, the CSI conducted pilot testing for TIMSS 2015 survey. The main data collection will take place in May 2015. In the Czech Republic, the pupils in the 4th grade will be tested again this time on their knowledge of mathematics and science.
 The national coordinator for the PIRLS survey is Ms. Zuzana Janotová (zuzana.janotova@csicr.cz).
The national coordinator for the TIMSS survey is Mr. Vladislav Tomášek (vladislav.tomasek@csicr.cz).