Overcoming School Failures

Overcoming School Failure: Policies That Work is the second OECD project in which the CSI participated within the framework of the activity 5 Competence III. The aim of the project was to provide a comprehensive unbiased view on the impacts of current educational policy and its possible changes in terms of fulfilment of the principle of equity (fairness and inclusion in education). The research team has identified seven key problems of equal access to education in the Czech Republic. Based on public discussions and on the results of qualitative research of expert community’s and parent’s attitudes, the research team formulated recommendations for education policy in the Czech Republic to improve fairness. The Activity 5 was completed in February 2014 by the release of a publication entitled Equal Access to Education in the Czech Republic: the Situation and Recommendations.
The key Activity 5 of the project Competence III was completed on 28 February 2014.
The national coordinator of the Activity 5 was Ms. Michaela Šojdrová (michaela.sojdrova@csicr.cz).