ICILS 2013

The international project ICILS acquires findings on student skills in the area of computer and information literacy. The testing group in the Czech Republic consists of students in the 8th grade of primary schools and corresponding grades of multi-year secondary general schools.
In the frame of project ICILS, data collection took place in the Czech Republic in March 2013 at 170 schools with participation of 3 200 students, 2 100 teachers and 170 principals and ICT coordinators.
The collected data from all the participating countries are processed by the international consortium of ICILS project. Afterwards, the data is released for processing to the national centres in the individual countries. The international and national report is to be published in November 2014.
The national coordinator for survey ICILS 2013 is Mr. Josef Basl (josef.basl@csicr.cz).