Assessment of Evaluation and Monitoring System

Within the framework of the 4th ESF Project Competence III activity, the CSI has become a part of the OECD project Review on Evaluation and Assessment Framework for Improving School Outcomes. Within the 4th activity, the OECD publication Reviews of Evaluation and Assessment in Education: Czech Republic was translated into the Czech language.
The expert community was introduced to OECD recommendations during broad public discussions. Their opinions and needs were subsequently verified in qualitative and quantitative inquiry (July 2013). The inquiry results were reflected to the draft recommendation for the changes in the system of evaluation. The main output of the 4th activity is the final report The Assessment of Evaluation and Monitoring in the Czech Republic, published by the CSI at the end of February 2014. Apart from the summarization of activities realised in the frame of the project, the report contains also proposals related to various aspects of evaluation on the level of a student, teacher and a school. These proposals are based on international experience and on the comparison of successful education systems.
The fourth key activity of the Project Competence III ended on 31 March 2014.
The national coordinator of Activity 4 was Ms. Michaela Šojdrová (