Kompetence III

The project Kompetence III is one of the individual national projects realised by MEYS within the Operational Programme Education for Competitiveness. The project was launched on March 1, 2011. The CSI has become its partner since October 1, 2011.
This project focuses on realization of international research programmes and on the subsequent use of their results for educational policy and school level pedagogical practice in the Czech Republic. The project consists of five activities:

1) TALIS (Teaching and Learning International Survey),
2) PISA 2012 (Programme for International Student Assessment) - Problem Solving Assessment,
3) ICILS 2013 (International Computer and Information Literacy Study),
4) Assessment of Evaluation and Monitoring System in the Czech Republic,
5) Overcoming School Failure: Policies that Work.
The project Kompetence III is co-financed by the European Social Fund and by the state budget of the Czech Republic.
Links to projects' international websites:
http://www.iea.nl/icils.html, http://icils2013.acer.edu.au

Project Kompetence III ended on November 30, 2015.