The PISA Governing Board meeting was held in Prague

On 5-7th November 2018, the 46th PISA Governing Board (PGB) was held in Prague, attended by not less than 150 delegates from more than 70 countries and economics including OECD and European Commission representatives.  The joint committee was organised and hosted by the Czech School Inspectorate, the institution responsible for implementing international student performance assessments in the Czech Republic since 2011.

The Secretary of State at the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Jindřich Fryč, and the Chief School Inspector and also the PGB representative for the Czech Republic, Tomáš Zatloukal, opened the PGB joint committee, which had been preceded by the expert groups meetings on Sunday, 4th November. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) was represented by the OECD Deputy Secretary-General, Ludger Schuknecht, the Director for the Directorate of Education and Skills, Andreas Schleicher, and the Head of Early Childhood and Schools Division, Yuri Belfali.
Discussions over the use of the PISA 2015 results, the progress with implementation of PISA 2018, the development of the upcoming PISA 2021 cycle, the long-term strategy development, and the ways to further increase benefits of PISA results for all stakeholders, were the focus of the meeting.
At present, the current PISA cycle results are being processed. The PISA 2018 survey has been focused - besides the reading literacy- also on the mathematical and scientific literacies. 330 schools and 7 thousand students born in 2002 participated at the spring 2018 testing phase in the Czech Republic.  The results of the PISA 2018 survey are to be announced in compliance with the international schedule on 3th December 2019.
Since June 2018, the PISA 2021 cycle preparation has been underway. The Czech School Inspectorate cooperates intensely with the international consortium on the development and revision processes for the production of the test items (mathematical literacy). The Czech Republic is to participate also in the optional module of the financial literacy within the survey cycle PISA 2021.