Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA 2012)

On July 9, 2014, the CSI published results of the International Programme PISA 2012 with a focus on financial literacy. The subject of financial literacy was among pupils from involved individual countries tested for the first time ever since 2000.

Despite expectations based on last year's results in individual literacies, the Czech pupils were with their outcomes in financial literacy above average. Czech pupils rank among the 7 most successful countries and their results are comparable with those achieved by pupils from Poland and New Zealand. Czech pupils performed better than pupils from the USA, Russia, France, Slovenia, Spain, Israel or the Slovak Republic. On the other hand they were surpassed by pupils from Shanghai, Belgium, Estonia and Australia.

In the spring PISA 2012 took part eighteen countries - beside the Czech Republic also Belgium, Estonia, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, the USA, Russia, France, Spain, Croatia, Slovenia or Italy. In the Czech Republic were involved 297 schools and approx. 1200 pupils.