Seminar at the Czech School Inspectorate: Early Education of Children

Within the framework of the Czech Presidency of the Board of Governors of the European Schools the CSI organized a professional seminar with the aim to share experience with pre-school education in specific environment of the European Schools and discuss possible approaches to be implemented into the system of pre-school education in the Czech Republic.

Over 60 participants were present at the seminar. They represented school inspectors, schools and school facilities, professional school associations, non-profit organizations, academic sector, Trade Union of Workers in Education and also departmental organizations of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

After the welcome of the Chief School Inspector, Tomáš Zatloukal, Dana Musilova - the Czech inspector for pre-school and primary cycle of European Schools – introduced participants into main principles of pre-school education in European Schools. Afterwards the abroad guests delivered their papers. Heinz Fischbock, the deputy director of the European School in Frankfurt, talked about a system for evaluation of the course and results of education in pre-school cycle of European Schools. Dana Pavlicikova, the deputy director for pre-school and primary cycles of the European School in Munich, talked about curricular implementation for pre-school education in her school. Specific examples of usage of evaluation tools, a child´s portfolio most of all, were given by Lisa Melessaccio, a coordinator of pre-school cycle at the European School in Munich, Nicholas Moon, a teacher at the European School in Alicante and Nathalie José, a teacher at the European School in Luxembourg and finally Lucie Chaloupkova from the Faculty of Education, Masarykova University, Brno, who brought the topic of education of pre-school teachers in the field of mentoring.   

The seminar was translated into English and Czech. Distributed documents in the language of the origin are available further in the text.


Presentation: Musilová Dana

Presentation: Fischbock Heinz

Presentation: Pavličíková Dana

Presentation: Melessaccio Lisa

Presentation: Moon Nicholas

Presentation: José Nathalie

Presentation: Chaloupková Lucie