CSI Organized International Seminar Assessment of Educational Results by School Inspectorates

On Wednesday the 29th of March 2017 the Czech School Inspectorate together with the Standing International Conference of Inspectorates organized a seminar aimed at analyses and survey of educational results by institutions that are responsible for inspection activities in schools. Participants of the international seminar were employees of inspection authorities, policy makers, researches and education professionals. All together there were almost 70 guests present from the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, France, Portugal, Germany, Cyprus, Malta, Bulgaria, Estonia, Ireland, Scotland, Albania, Turkey, Ukraine, Slovak Republic, Lithuania, Italy, Serbia and the Czech Republic. Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic was represented by the Deputy of Minster Stanislav Štech who also introduced the workshops during his welcome speech.

The Chief School Inspector Tomáš Zatloukal introduced the concept of assessment and survey of educational results in the context of other Czech School Inspectorate´s activities. Topic of the use of educational outcome´s indicators was presented by Bruno Vreeburg, program manager of educational results in the Netherlands. Another key presentation was given by Marc Foucalt, directing school inspector from France, who discussed the added value of Lycee and further Sadie Cushley, lead inspector for primary education, and Carol McDonald, lead inspector for secondary education, shared their experiences with evaluation of educational outcomes in Scotland.

The seminar continued the next day on Thursday the 30th of March by three workshops where a vivid discussion took place not only about the collection, use and publication of data related to educational outcomes but also about other inspection activity´s method in individual states.