Czech School Inspectorate Introduced International Experts to New Inspection Tools

Experts in education from Holland, Austria, Spain, Slovakia and Germany were present at the conference New Methods, Approaches and Tools for Quality Evaluation in Education, they were introduced to innovative activities of the Czech School Inspectorate which were developed within the project National System for Inspection Evaluation of the Educational System in the Czech Republic (NIQES). The conference participants were introduced to new inspection approaches for evaluation of schools and school facilities in accordance with so-called quality school model, also they were introduced to tools for observing and evaluation of the level of support and reached achievements in chosen literacies and also to new information systems of the Czech School Inspectorate developed for inspection data evaluation and collection (InspIS DATA). Furthermore, information systems for the work with school educational programmes (InspIS SVP), electronical survey of pupils´ outcomes (InspIS SET) and/or presentation of schools and school facilities and sharing of the complex information with the public (InspIS PORTAL) were presented at the conference. The participants of the international conference appreciated the use of outcomes both for evaluation performed by the Czech School Inspectorate and for direct practice in individual schools.