An educational seminar for teachers in the European schools

At the end of August The Czech School Inspectorate in cooperation with the MEYS prepared a two day´s educational seminar for European school teachers. The seminar was held at the CSI headquarters in Prague. Teachers from nursery, primary school and secondary school cycles participated in the seminar together with inspectors from some regional inspectorates. 

The content of the seminar was designed so that I could respect interests and needs of teachers in the European Schools. On the first day Hana Kasikova, an associate professor at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Charles University, delivered a lecture on effective cooperative teaching, its positive aspects and mutuality with joint education. She highlighted specific aspects of cooperative teaching during education of various age categories of pupils. Theory and praxis permeated each other in the course of the whole day, participants in groups exchanged interesting activities and enriched one another with their own experiences.
On the following Jana Kratochvilova from the Masaryk University, Brno, and Karla Cerna, a headmaster of a basic school in Ivancice and Olga Kusa from the Human Rights League lectured on the topics of joint education.
This time the challenges of principles of inclusive education were discussed together with individualization and differentiation in education, education strategies and tangible needs of teachers. The matters concerning teaching utensils, supportive and individual education plans, cooperation with an assistant and diagnostics of teaching style were discussed as well.
The seminar participants appreciated professional level of the seminar, its friendly atmosphere and pleasant environment of the Czech School Inspectorate premises.